These boots were purchased to replace a pair of rubber boots I had completely worn out. Held together by camouflage duct tape, the rubber boots I previously had, had almost completely dry rotted in all the high wear areas such as the toes, outsides of the feet, and the crease on the upper portion of the ankles.

Being as cheap as I am, this seemed to be a cyclic process; I’d buy a pair of rubber boots, if I was fortunate enough I’d get maybe two years out of them, and then replace them. It should be noted that the boots would be worn for rigorous activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, wood-cutting, and winter use. Needless to say I was tired of replacing my outdoor footwear on an annual basis.

After doing much research, I came to the conclusion of the Cabela’s Instinct 9mm Accelerator Boots. The boots needed to be waterproof, withstand high wear due to movement and brush, offer comfort for long walks to and from the tree stand, as well as maintaining warmth during cold weather sits in the stand.

I’m now going on my second year with the Cabela’s Instinct Accelerator boots, and have nothing but good to say about this footwear. These boots were incredibly warm, largely due to their 9mm thickness. Astonishingly, there was never an issue with water leakage, in either the rubber foot or the neoprene calf shaft, or even the seam where the two materials were joined. These boots proved extremely comfortable, especially while hunting out of state, logging countless miles on foot while hanging stands. The Armorflex coating on the Accelerator boots more than withstood the brush and briers trucked through, not showing any signs of wear on the boots. Also worth noting was the accurate sizing of the Accelerator boots. I ordered a half size larger for layering purposes, and was perfect for wearing an extra pair of socks on those cold winter sits.

To top it off, Cabela’s offers a lifetime warranty under normal wear and tear conditions for all Cabela’s brand products, which includes their Instinct Accelerator boots. With such excellent customer support and craftsmanship, these boots will serve me for many years to come.